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Financial archive

Marel aims to meet the highest standards in its investor relations by continuously improving the quality, transparency and consistency of its information disclosure. Archived financial information includes annual reports, quarterly financial statements, webcasts, regulatory announcements, and prospectuses.

Online annual reports

The annual report provides a comprehensive overview of Marel’s operations, plus a detailed description of the company’s performance each year. Marel has published a web version of its annual report since 2011, complete with interesting videos, interactive graphs and tables. Interactive reports for the last five years of operations are available below. For earlier years, please refer to the PDF version.

Annual report archive

PDFs of annual reports for Marel and related companies going back to 2001.

Marel annual report 2010 PDF (2.5MB)
Marel annual report 2009 PDF (1.5MB)
Marel annual report 2008 (Marel Food Systems) PDF (1.2MB)
Marel annual report 2007 (Marel Food Systems) PDF (1.7MB)
Marel annual report 2006 PDF (1.2MB)
Marel annual report 2005 (English) PDF (2.6MB)
Marel annual report 2005 (Icelandic) PDF (2.3MB)
Marel annual report 2004 (English) PDF (1.7MB)
Marel annual report 2004 (Icelandic) PDF (1.7MB)
Marel annual report 2003 (English) PDF (0.9MB)
Marel annual report 2003 (Icelandic) PDF (0.9MB)
Marel annual report 2002 PDF (0.9MB)
Marel annual report 2001 PDF (1.9MB)
Scanvaegt annual report 2005/2006 PDF (0.2MB)
Scanvaegt annual report 2004/2005 PDF (2.1MB)
Scanvaegt annual report 2003/2004 PDF (2.0MB)

Financial reports and presentations

Download Marel’s quarterly presentations and statements, annual reports, as well as other relevant publication material in one easy zip-file. For financial statements prior to 2002, please refer to the website of Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange in Iceland.




Webcast archive

See our webcast archive below.


Information relating to share or bond offerings of the company.



Prospectus in English


Prospectus in Dutch (summary)


Prospectus in Icelandic (summary)


Other documents relating to the dual listing:

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