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Discover how we, at Marel, work with sustainability at all levels in order to secure a world where quality food is both affordable and sustainable.

Sustainable supply chain

Supply chain plays a critical role in companies’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journeys. It reaches beyond the people and places directly involved in the production of goods and services. Each decision we make from procurement to distribution can have a global impact.

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Our purpose and impact

Sustainability Roadmap

Sustainability roadmap

Marel’s sustainability roadmap is designed in co-operation with our customers, employees, suppliers, innovation partners, and other key stakeholders around the most material sustainability topics for Marel. Through the roadmap, we can focus our efforts toward elevating sustainability performance by focusing on four key themes.

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Our ambitions and targets

Marel is committed to becoming net zero by 2040. To support our long-term commitment, we have launched a five-year sustainability program in 2022 aimed at steering both Marel and the industry onto a more sustainable path, through ambitious environmental, social, and governance targets. 

Marel’s medium-term sustainability program is fully in line with the company’s 2026 growth strategy and complements our long-term climate ambitions as we set a science-based target in 2022 in line with the Paris Agreement.

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Get in touch with our sustainability team

Our dedicated sustainability team is here to help and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us.


Þorsteinn Kári Jónsson

Þorsteinn Kári Jónsson

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