Innova Primary Processing Software for Pork and Beef

Control and traceability for the pork and beef slaughter process

  • Provides a complete and clear overview of primary processing
  • Allows accurate planning for optimal order fulfillment
  • Ensures full traceability of animals throughout primary processing
  • Removes the need for manual audits and checks


Innova’s Primary Processing Software manages the pork and beef slaughter process from the receipt of live animals through to the carcass cooling room.

Real-time data collection

The system captures and registers vital information such as kill number, weight, grade, sample information, veterinarian inspection results and yield. Operators can enter information at terminals located at key points throughout the slaughter process and weighing stations can also be installed. In addition, there is also the possibility to monitor the technical performance of the slaughter line on a machine level.

Performance management

The data collected is used to create dashboards and reports, which give valuable insights into production and quality. This information supports multiple functions across the organization to manage and improve the slaughter process. It also plays an important role in supplier evaluation.

Detailed planning

Using the data collected for each carcass, the system generates a precise overview of what is being processed. This gives the planning department a clear overview of what raw material is available for the next stage of processing and allows accurate planning of order fulfillment.

Increased traceability

The system collects specific data so that every end product can be traced back to an individual animal. This ensures food processors can act quickly and precisely to minimize the size of any recalls. It also helps processors who deal with different quality lines to ensure they are kept separate.

Quality management

The system registers all information required by law, suppliers, and customers. It can also generate legally required documentation. This removes manual audits and checks and minimizes the risk of human error.


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