Sausage making

  • A complete range of highly automated solutions
  • Revolutionary sausage making techniques
  • Covering all sausage production stages
  • Producing traditional or innovative end products


Marel is firmly rooted in the sausage making industry. Making use of knowledge and experience gained over several decades, we continuously improve our sausage production technology and have introduced many systems that revolutionized the industry.

We provide high quality equipment to sausage producers all over the world. Our high capacity, flexible solutions are known for their long trouble-free production runs, low maintenance costs and ease of operation. With a strong focus on your end product, we serve every need from the industry.

We cover all production stages

Our equipment enables the production of a very wide variety of sausage products, with high accuracy and consistency, regardless of your batch size. Whether you want to produce traditional sausages with preformed casings, or want to make use of co-extrusion technology, we provide a wide range of flexible solutions that live up to the highest demands of the food industry.

We cover all production stages, from meat preparation to final product dispatch and even cook-in-the-pack, for an unequalled high level of food safety.


Marel offers a complete range of co-extrusion solutions for high capacity production of all your cooked-smoked sausages (e.g. hotdogs, and frankfurters).

Core of the innovative QX Technology production system is a nozzle that extrudes a continuous flow of meat mix and a thin layer of casing gel at the same time. The ‘endless sausage’ is brined and the gel solidifies into a collagen, alginate or a hybrid casing.

So whatever fresh or cooked-smoked sausage you want to make, regardless of the casing type, length or caliber, in very large or smaller quantities, we can provide the perfect solution for you.

Product range

  • ModularLoader 
  • MasterLink
  • QX Fresh System
  • iLinker & iConveyor
  • FlexLinker
  • SmartLinker
  • QX Link Sausage System
  • QX Ring Sausage System
  • Serving every need from the industry
  • Flexible solutions, always securing food safety
  • Covering all sausage making processes
  • Including automatic loading of end products 
  • Including cook-in-the-pack
  • Including innovative QX co-extrusion technology
  • All casing types, lengths and calibers
  • Suitable for large and smaller quantities

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