Progress Point demo and training center Latin America

Progress Point Latin America

Welcome to our demonstration and training center, where you can experience how Marel innovations support food production and impact your company's operational results.

Our demo center features extensive wet and dry demonstration areas, as well as space for conferences, meetings, dinners and other networking events. We offer a wide range of services, from private demonstrations and tailor-made training sessions to large events for hundreds of people.

Marel Equipment

Customized demonstrations

Our state-of-the-art facilities can mimic various factory environments that enable demonstrations of equipment and software, as well as training, in person or online. You can also test and develop new products with our equipment and software in these simulated plant conditions. It is a unique opportunity to learn about new technologies and exchange information with production specialists to define the strategies that best meet your needs and challenges.

Progress Point Latin America Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Progress Point Latin America is Marel's first demo center to feature a virtual reality room, with 3D graphics capabilities, so you can accurately simulate food processing in your plant with our software and equipment.

In this innovative space, you can use electronic devices, special goggles and sensors, and can interact with the projected images simply by moving your hands. These resources are used for training, testing, and analyzing efficiency and production line flow.

Tilapia Showhow 2022 Demo 1

Customer Events

During customer events, meat, poultry and fish processors have the opportunity to learn how Marel equipment and software can help them organize their daily production and solve critical factors that affect the use of raw material, processing time, labor cost and food safety.

Food processors can meet Marel experts and industry peers in a professional environment at these events, to exchange ideas and explore the latest advances in the industry.

Marel Latam Demo Center


Progress Point Latin America is located adjacent to Marel's office and factory in Campinas. It is just 2.5 km from Viracopos International Airport (VCP) and has quick access to São Paulo’s main highways.

The 4,700 m² facility can accommodate around 130 employees and up to 200 guests.

St. Sergio Fernandes B. Soares, 1.000
Bresco Viracopos, 150 Flex, Mod. 1
Campinas/SP - Brazil
Tel. +55 19 2042 3700

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