RevoPortioner - portioning plant-based products such as falafel

Innovation through partnership

Welcome to Demo Center Boxmeer, where we focus on product development with customers, as well as demonstration events tailored to specific partners from the food processing industry.

Customers come to our demonstration centers to discover the full potential of our solutions in a hands-on environment.

Democenter Boxmeer

Co-creation with customers

We make it possible for customers to come and explore new ideas for products. Food processors collaborate with our specialists to develop new technology and improve existing products, all in a realistic factory environment. You can trial our solutions with your own raw materials to gain a full understanding of what is possible with Marel equipment.

At the end of the session, we test and taste your newly developed products in our demo kitchen. Innovating products in this way is a creative and fruitful way to collaborate, yielding many new advances in food processing.

Salmon Showhow 2016 (1)

Demo Days

We host Demo Days tailored to meet the needs of particular customer groups from the fish, meat or poultry processing industries. Featuring demonstrations of the latest Marel technology, these open-house events often focus on a certain product or process. You can stop by or book a meeting ahead of time to discuss your company’s particular needs with Marel experts.

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Return on investment

Once we’ve demonstrated how our technology can improve your processes and end products, we can provide you with a digital record of the demos and trials undertaken, where we qualify the return on investment (ROI).

Demonstrations and trials show how Marel solutions have a significant positive impact on your results, and we also provide you with those results in the form of KPIs (key performance indicators) and other metrics relevant to ROI, from increases in throughput to reductions in carbon footprint.

P4 Duck Brochure Further Processing


The Demo Center Boxmeer focuses on Marel’s Prepared Foods solutions. At this facility, we offer meat preparation, portioning, coating, and heat treatment and sausage making equipment for the Meat, Fish and Poultry industries. By mimicking your production plant, we create the ideal environment for demonstrations, product tests and trainings.

Handelstraat 3
5831 AV Boxmeer
the Netherlands
Tel. +31 485 586 122

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We will be happy to assist you on recommending accommodation as Marel has cooperation with various hotel chains near our demo centers.

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