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Every idea counts

Innovation is in our DNA

A flash of inspiration can come at any time. Our brave engineers constantly seek new ways to meet a growing demand for quality food.

By investing significantly in research and development, we help them nurture their ideas, which sometimes turn into groundbreaking solutions.

We’ve integrated virtual reality across our operations to benefit engineering in prototyping and development, and to show our customers new solutions.

With our eyes firmly on the future, we’re re-imagining the possibilities of food processing.

Everything counts


Invested in innovation every year


Dedicated innovation experts


Investment in innovation 2022


New products launched in 2022

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Future proofing the food industry

We focus on developing digital smart solutions for our customers, with an emphasis on automation, data utilization and sustainability.

Vision and robotics are at the forefront of our new development programs, meeting our customers’ needs for flexibility, automation and agility. When innovating new solutions, we design for the product’s full life-cycle, ensuring peak performance and ease of service well into the future.

Marel Core, our control platform, creates a solid foundation for adding new digital solutions and services, and offers customer-driven, innovative approaches for on-site and remote service, spare parts and company growth.

Marel food processing automation

Digitalizing for sustainability

Every year, an estimated 1.6 billion tons of food are lost or wasted along the value chain from harvest to consumer. As part of our mission to provide sustainable food for all, we apply digital technologies to every step of food processing.

We continuously work on projects to build new digital infrastructure and advance automation and digitalization in food processing.

By reducing waste and making every meal count, our improvements add up to tremendous benefits.

Marel food processing virtual reality

A data-driven approach

Our overarching software, Innova, connects entire processing plants, giving our customers full production control and seamless integration between different applications and machinery.

We combine equipment, process knowledge, service and data analytics to create a system of smarter processing and proactive service. This reduces disturbances to our customers’ production process and ensures better support for the technicians on the factory floor.

New scalable technologies and production channels, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services, advanced robotics and 3D printing, are essential to our products—now and into the future.

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