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Our sustainability solutions

We embrace our role as a critical infrastructure company in the global food industry. ESG pledges and climate targets are shaping the future of our stakeholders and industry transition where quality food is produced sustainably and affordably. We see ourselves as an enabler for our customers delivering on their sustainability strategies while positively impacting the local and global communities we engage with.

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Sustainability as a service

Marel provides the food processing industry with best-in-class sustainability solutions and services, enabling customers to run sustainable and circular operations, produce sustainable products and reach carbon neutrality.

We have carried out a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) on core cross-industry products to provide customers with detailed environmental information on our solutions from design until end-of-life. Marel uses LCAs to enable carbon emission offsets from the manufacturing process of the solutions and as well as from the use phase.

Digital technology is an important enabler of sustainability. Our Innova solutions offer remote and predictive maintenance, maximizing uptime and reducing the need for in-person maintenance checks. Via our solutions, data on water and electricity usage can be gathered and used to calculate the plants' carbon footprint.

Furthermore, Marel provides its customers with general consultation on how to successfully integrate sustainability and ESG into their strategy and operations.

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