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Implementation with Innova

We focus on working closely with our customers because we believe in the importance of customer commitment and ownership of the project implementation and focus our activities around this.

Implementing a new software system requires you to make changes to operations and processes which often have an effect on people’s responsibilities and changes the way they work. If this is not done correctly you risk costly disturbances to operations, not mentioning the risk of not realizing the benefits the system is supposed to bring.

We at Innova understand this, based on our extensive experience in delivering systems to our customers, worldwide, for over 30 years. Our approach is focused around teamwork and partnership with our customers.

Making the most of Innova

Introducing any new software system requires changes to operations and processes. This can have an effect on people’s responsibilities, and will alter both how they work, and the scope of their role. For food processors using Innova to succeed, it is absolutely essential that Innova be implemented accurately and effectively.

Our approach is focused around teamwork and partnership. We work closely with customers because we are committed to not only delivering the most advanced software available, but ensuring that all food processors have the knowledge required to unlock Innova’s full potential.

An agile approach

To ensure common understanding of requirements, we run series of process specification workshops. This is the ideal time for customers to consider any changes they will need to make so as to implement Innova, and address any concerns. This approach enables customers to get to grips with the new system quickly, and ensures they have a robust understanding of how Innova operates, and what its benefits are.

Training workshops

Once the process scope has been specified, the system is configured appropriately. At this point a set of training and production workshops will be executed, during which users are trained in how to set up and operate the system.

Site acceptance tests

Site acceptance tests are conducted before a system is taken into live production. During the initial implementation period we provide go-live support, ensuring the customer can take ownership of running the system with an expert on hand to answer any queries or offer advice.

Getting off to the best start

Innova is a comprehensive and powerful piece of software, and when used optimally provides customers with up-to-the-second information, data and analytics that can be used to significantly enhance business performance. By getting to grips with Innova from the outset, food processors will be best placed to successfully integrate this advanced software solution into their day-to-day business operations.

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