Innova Filleting and Trimming Solution

The simple and cost effective Innova filleting and trimming solution enables fish processors to monitor and control their trimming and/or filleting process.

  • Control the entire filleting and trimming process 
  • Monitor performance of total line and individual employee 
  • Improve yield and throughput performance by addressing deviations from targets 
  • Benchmark performance and trends across shorter or longer periods 


By controlling the process, managers can identify which products are being processed, which employee is working at which station, and which lot is active, as well as trace the raw material to its original purchase order.

By monitoring the process, managers gain detailed information on all key data such as throughput, yield and individual employee performance, thereby enabling targets and criteria to be established and measured. The solution provides both real-time and historical data on a live display and in reports to evaluate system performance.

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