Innova Trimming

Controls and monitors flowlines and manual trimming lines in real-time.

  • Manual line and flowline configuration and control
  • Monitors product quality to ensure food safety
  • Provides immediate performance feedback to trimmers
  • Enables immediate intervention to minimize losses


The Innova Trimming module controls and monitors flowlines and manual trimming lines in real-time. The system records the amount of raw material delivered to individual trimmers and the quantity of product produced by each trimmer, allowing processors to monitor throughput, yield and product mix.

By interacting with the Innova Quality Control module, the system can perform both random product inspections and also target individual trimmers. Product batches or pieces selected for inspection are sent to a QC station, where an inspector evaluates the batch based on fully customizable inspection parameters. At the same time, the system automatically increases product inspection from trimmers with unsatisfactory QC scores.

Performance figures can be displayed on information terminals at the trimming stations. This allows the trimmer to compare his performance with the line average and to instantly receive notification of QC problems.


Server type: Windows Server 2000
  Windows Server 2003
Operating System:   Windows XP
Database Support
Database used: SQL Server 2005 Express, Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise editions
Device Support
Scales: Marel M3000-A571 product and input scales
  Marel M2000-A72 product scales
  Marel M2000-A73 input scales
  Marel M2200-PO2 trim/waste hoppers
  Marel M2000-P72 trim/waste hoppers
Terminals: Marel M2200-PO2 manual registration terminals
  Marel RT220 information terminals
Processing lines: Trimming lines for poultry, red meat, salmon, and whitefish
Other Requirements
Software: Innova application framework



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