Sustainability Esgreport

Environmental responsibility

Throughout the value chain, Marel encourages and promotes the most efficient use of resources to minimize environmental impact and prioritize environmental protection in food processing. Innovation is at the core of this strategy.

We’re passionate about creating new methods to improve yields and decrease waste in food production. We reduce the use of scarce resources such as energy and water, while promoting animal welfare, food safety, and traceability.   

As the leading global supplier of high-tech food processing solutions, our advances can scale up to ensure tremendous gains in sustainability for food processors.

Environmental Timeline

Our timeline of climate action

Marel has steadily been improving its environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) profile since 2015. Working toward becoming a part of the solution, we are setting leading standards in the food processing industry for our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and retail consumers.

2022 brought Marel many accomplishments on the sustainability front. Highlights include having our science-based climate targets validated, improving our climate risk-and opportunity analysis through our TCFD reporting and incentivizing even more employees based on ESG performance. We also updated our one-of-a-kind sustainability innovation scorecard 2.0 to include circularity, established a responsible sourcing team and started work on our ambitious 2026 Sustainability Program.

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