Production of plant-based products

Plant-based products

Innovating for the future

We have a deep history in further processing and are continually investing in innovations for the future. We work in partnership with you to develop a solution around the plant-based products you want to produce. We’re also passionate about new product development and collaborate with you to ensure you’re at the forefront of changing consumer trends.

Robust and repeatable processing

Whether your raw material is soy, tofu or pea protein, we have a state-of-the-art solution to help you transform your processing. Our expert technologists can provide all the help you need to get the best possible results, increasing automation and food safety to ensure highest quality, on-spec products every time.

  • Innovative equipment and solutions
  • In-depth process knowledge
  • Partnership for product development

Prepared Foods

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Prepared Foods

What we offer

Whatever type of plant-based products you’re producing, our comprehensive range of advanced equipment helps you maximize yield and achieve highest quality results.

From preparing your raw material, through forming, coating, frying and cooking your products, all the way to final batching and packing, our systems can optimize every step in the production process.

Prepared foods

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We offer a wide variety of products to serve your every food processing need. Please follow the link to see our extensive selection of quality products.

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