ModularOven+ can adapt to your needs

Versatility combined with machine health monitoring


The Marel ModularOven+ offers state-of-the-art oven technology in a truly modular format. It can be tailored flexibly to meet your exact needs. And what is more, it can grow with you. It is possible to start with the specific features needed for your current production process. But at the same time, there are plenty of options to retrofit various features and increase capacity, should production requirements change over time.

The ModularOven+ offers Marel’s price-winning oven technology which can be customized to your precise production needs. It allows you to start with the features you need to meet your current criteria, with no unnecessary extras. You can tailor the oven to your requirements now and in the future. If your requirements change over time, you add more features and more capacity. You can change, for example, from 500 kW to 900 kW heaters.

It cooks, steams and roasts

Maximum yield and unbeatable uniformity are the keywords for the ModularOven+ when it comes to creating the highest rate of reproducible quality of products. Drawing on more than three decades of expertise in heating technology, Marel has developed the ModularOven+ to deliver unparalleled levels of flexibility and control over the production process.


Two-zone versatility 

Just like the regular ModularOven*, the ModularOven+ has two separate zones, so truly independent climates can be created and controlled. The two towers have their own controls for temperature, dew point and airspeed, offering the desired versatility for two different climates, be it steaming, cooking or roasting. For example, one tower may be used for high dew point steaming, while the other is used for high temperature, low dew point roasting, with the aim of creating color without compromising yield.

Product consistency

In the oven, an air regulation system uses high-tech diffusers and multiple temperature sensors per zone to ensure an optimal airflow environment in all circumstances, an even heat distribution and ideal moisture content across all sides of the product and throughout the entire oven. This results in consistent core temperature and flawless reproducibility of the quality, regardless of the time of the day, position on the belt and loading of the oven. Every batch and portion is cooked to reach a uniform core temperature, correct for food safety, while keeping their delicious juicy texture. This is important not only for flavor and color, but also for yield: More moisture means more weight, and more weight means more product to sell.

All in all, the air regulation system allows for lowered core temperature averages, resulting in shorter cooking times and substantial energy savings. Both technologies, separate climate zones and air regulation, combine to achieve up to 6% more yield than any other comparable oven.


Full control

The oven’s spiral belt design has the largest diameter available. In just six tiers, the oven has 163 meters [ 534 ft] of belt length, 90 square meters [968 sq ft] of belt surface, making it the first choice for industry-leading processors around the world, producing the highest volumes. It’s easy to operate the ModularOven+ from the menu-based touch screen.

Machine health monitoring

SmartBase software, now integrated into the ModularOven+, allows processors to analyze and proactively identify areas for improvement and pinpoint problems before they happen. This internal digital engine offers the opportunity to (remotely) monitor the health of the oven and allows for (remote) support by Marel. SmartBase is about more than just getting extra data out of the oven and visualizing it on the dashboard. Digitalization can surely help make things transparent. But it should be combined with predictive, standardized maintenance to really reduce unexpected downtime and its impact on the production line.


Maximum yield and unbeatable uniformity are the key words for the ModularOven+.

A trained team

Every new machine in a processing plant starts operating at a base performance level, which is close to maximum. Of course, over time, it will slightly move away from this base level. That’s quite normal. The degree to which it deviates depends on how the machine is operated and maintained. Marel can train the customer’s team to see the key indicators of the oven’s health at a glance, where energy or yield is being lost. A trained team will be able to monitor the oven properly, do maintenance at the right time and resolve issues themselves or determine whether Marel’s remote support is needed to restore the standard level of performance. In this way, the processor can prevent many of the common issues that keep the oven from running optimally, thereby increasing the OEE of the line.

An example

When there’s excess steam coming out of the chimney, the processor probably won’t be alarmed. The machine still functions and puts out the desired products. But the data coming from SmartBase will show this abnormality and the technical team can now identify the problem. After repair of the dew point probes, significantly less steam will be used, saving the customer a considerable amount of money

* Existing Modular Ovens operating around the world can be upgraded to ModularOven+.


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