Final carcass treatment

Final carcass treatment

The slaughter line can be equipped with different types of pre-dryers, flaming furnaces as well as washing and polishing machines to clean and disinfect the carcass as effectively as possible. These machines minimize bacterial growth and contribute to a hygienic process environment.

For the washing and polishing of carcasses we offer a range of whip and brush cleaning machines. Depending on the capacity, the type of dressing hook, the species and the position in the machine line conveyor, the model with whip rolls in either vertical or horizontal direction is selected.

Loose hairs and moisture are removed from the carcass skin in the pre-dryer, increasing the singeing effectiveness.

To burn loose hairs, the remaining hairs and bristles, and to disinfect the pigs, we offer a complete range of flaming and decontamination furnaces.

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