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Overhead grading and distribution

Fast, accurate ‘weight & vision based’ selection

The weight and quality of products can be determined automatically, using weighing equipment and vision technology. The gathered data compose the input for the plant production and control software. Automatic weighing, grading and distribution are important steps towards good in-plant logistics, full traceability, reduced giveaway and improve yield.

Our automated ‘weight and vision based’ grading equipment allows for product grading at all processing speeds. An accurate assessment of all anatomic parts forms the basis for optimal distribution to the cut-up lines, which occurs automatically. Giveaway is reduced to a minimum.

Weight is an important basis for quality grading and high weighing accuracy leads to a lower giveaway. Weight information can be combined with semi-automatic vision-based quality assessment (QS-3). Every whole product is ‘tagged’ with information about its quality and can be followed downstream to determine its optimum allocation according to specification.

Effective batching is important; it reduces give-away and saves labor and time. The selection of the right individual products to form a batch is done by the Innova PDS control system, using batching criteria such as minimum weight, count or fixed weight.

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