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Progress Point Shanghai

Welcome to Progress Point Shanghai, our state-of-the-art demonstration and training center where you can discover hands-on how Marel is transforming food processing. In this innovative space, you can meet with Marel experts and experience the full potential of our equipment and integrated systems.

Our facilities include extensive wet and dry demonstration areas, as well as spaces for conferences, meetings, dinners and other events. We offer services such as private demonstrations, tailor-made training sessions and support with customer events.

Demo Center Shanghai Demonstration

Customized demonstrations

Our advanced facilities can simulate a range of factory environments, enabling realistic demonstrations of equipment and software. We offer demos, meetings and training sessions both onsite and online, so you can explore our systems, solutions and software in our demo center or from the comfort of your office.

Marel food processing virtual reality

Virtual reality

Progress Point Shanghai features a virtual reality room with 3D graphics capabilities, so you can accurately replicate the conditions in your plant and fully visualize how it would operate with Marel equipment and software. Use electronic devices, special goggles and sensors, and interact with projected images simply by moving your hands. These resources are ideal for training, testing and analyzing efficiency and production line flow.

Demo Center Shanghai Event

Customer Events

Progress Point Shanghai brings together meat, poultry and fish processors from around the world to exchange ideas and information in a professional setting. Customer events are an excellent opportunity to meet with Marel experts and industry peers and learn how Marel solutions can help organize daily production and optimize processing time, labor cost, food safety and use of raw materials.

Marel Shanghai demo center


Progress Point Shanghai spans 1,600 square meters, with more than 900 square meters dedicated to demonstrations. Superb infrastructure fosters a creative and co-operative work environment, with room for around 150 guests.

Building 2, No.4555, Yindu Road; Minhang District
201108 Shanghai, China
Phone number: +86 021-54858807

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