SIRIUS Plus Table Top Bread Slicer Machine Sliced Bread

Bread cutting

Bread slicing for high-speed slicing and supermarket safety needs

Supermarkets looking for safe, efficient self-service slicing will find a solution to meet their needs in the TREIF portfolio.

Our universal bread slicers are ideal for retail operators and supermarkets that offer self-service cutting. The compact mobile design of the DISKUS SB S offers easy mobility to optimize valuable floor space. Constructed according to strict criteria, our self-service bread slicer offers the optimal user safety.

All bread slicers in the TREIF portfolio use oil-free technology to maximize hygiene. The blades are developed and manufactured in-house and reconditioned at each service to improve blade longevity and reduce costs. Their high-quality design provides accurate, gentle slicing of all densities of bread from soft white to hard-crust loaves. With adjustable slice thickness, automatic start and stop, and large cutting chambers to accommodate multiple loaf shapes and sizes, whatever the needs of your business we have the bread cutter to suit.

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