Innova Final Goods Manager

Manage and improve the palletizing and dispatch process

  • Gain order and shipment overview 
  • Reduce handling and transit time to market 
  • Control your dispatch process and continuously improve delivery process 
  • Trace products to customers and shipments 


Build pallets directly to orders for single or mixed products, assign products to sales orders, assign orders to shipments and create final dispatch documentation. 

The Innova Final Goods Manager is a dispatch solution for use on a handheld device that allows processors to be more efficient in how they pick, palletize and ship products, whilst ensuring proof of dispatch and traceability throughout the process. 

Dispatch is the procedure for assigning units to customer orders and shipments before the physical shipment of goods takes place. A controlled dispatch process enables users to continuously improve their delivery process.  

Innova Final Goods Manager provides information on which products, packs and pallets have been dispatched, when, where, on which order and by whom. This is the final link in the traceability chain from reception to customer. 

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