Convenience food coating line - crumbed chicken products

Further processing

Your end product is our starting point

In close cooperation with you, we create innovative solutions for the further processing industry, driving excellence in performance, food safety and sustainability. Together, we’ll find the best way possible to create a solution that lets you produce the exact product you require. We do this by applying our deeply rooted knowledge of food technology and in-depth understanding of further processing. We can meet your needs at every step in the process, from portioning whole meat muscle, or preparing your mass through forming, coating, cooking and sausage making, all the way to weighing, grading, batching, freezing and packing the final product.

Our advanced further processing solutions enable you to produce a wide variety of convenience products and sausages, giving you a robust and repeatable process, which creates consistent, on-spec products again and again. The flexible and efficient systems deliver high yield and create added value for your poultry business. Your end product is our starting point!

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