Salmon Fillet Process Solution

Stay ahead with quality and consistency with real-time production insights

  • Efficient real-time monitoring of yield and quality control
  • Performance optimization for consistency and quality to meet customer requirements
  • Better quality fillets lead to faster delivery
  • Full traceability through the production to ensure complete compliance


Production Control

The solution monitors line throughput (pieces processed per minute) and product weight during the filleting process. Optionally, fish length, belly height difference, and alarms and events raised during the process are also registered. With accurate data processing, the solution enables efficient, real-time monitoring of yield and throughput for the entire fillet processing line and its individual machines. The setup of the equipment is maintained centrally, ensuring consistency and efficiency, and minimizing downtime during changeovers.

Quality Inspections

The solution consists of fillet QC Scanners that monitor the quality of the salmon fillets before and after skinning. QC scanners scan each fillet to detect its color, melanin and blood spots, any trimming defects, leftover skin pieces, and brown meat. The system provides various reports on fillet sizes, rejected products, throughput, product defects, and color distribution. All inspection items and images from the QC Scanner are stored in the system, allowing users to retrieve and report fillet details according to various criteria. The fillets are sorted or sent to rework according to tolerance settings, maintained in the system.


The solution registers each delivery of input material and final product registrations. All traceability information, including quantity and quality, is tracked for each delivery. This information enables backward traceability of product data to its origin.

The system offers full traceability from source to shelf with interconnected systems providing a complete overview of the input materials journey through processing. Various data collection points are used to link elements together into one traceability chain.  All units registered in the system can be traced one level back and one level forward. Traceability information is based on purchase orders and processing lots.

Yield Monitoring

The solution captures product weight throughout the filleting process, providing real-time yield data for monitoring purposes. With this solution, the filleting processors have a clear overview of the line's performance. Users can respond with corrective measures for any detected issues or deviations.

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