cut up poultry


Flexible versatility with high yields

A good cut-up system is consistent, accurate, flexible if needed and gives you high yields.

Marel offers solutions for semi-automated, easy-entry, fast food and fully automated, order-controlled cut-up processes. Cone lines are suited to ease a mainly manual cutting process, while the ACM-NT Compact system can be a first step to further automation.

Marel’s high-performance and versatile automated ACM-NT cut-up solution has all the abilities to create always the desired end-products. With its numerous module options, the cut-up system offers almost limitless production flexibility, regardless of your processing capacity.

If you're producing for a QSR chain, you may need to cut up the whole product in a specific way and into a specific quantity of pieces. These cuts can be made according to specification using the appropriate modules in the ACM-NT line.

Products are positioned perfectly, even at the highest line speeds. This results in producing the highest yields and percentage of A-grade cuts in the entire industry.

Combining the cut-up system with Innova production control software enables you to make the very best use of an incoming product based on weight and quality and gives you fully comprehensive reports on what has been produced.

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