Fixed-Weight Overhead Leg Batching

  • Easy production of A-grade fixed-weight leg trays
  • Intelligent Innova PDS
  • Components available in the ACM-NT cut-up line
  • Legs stay in the shackle
  • Virtually no give-away
  • Labor saving


When you want to batch your leg end products into fixed-weight trays, overhead leg batching is an excellent option to do so. It uses components available in an ACM cut-up line and keeps products in the shackle. The Overhead Leg Batching configuration consists of Leg Weigher, Broken Leg Detector, Leg unloading stations, batching hoppers, PaceLine packing line and Innova PDS.

Buffer line

After legs have been cut off in the ACM line, they pass the Leg Weigher and the Broken Leg Detector. Broken legs will be released at a different destination downstream.

Combining legs inline to make up A-grade trays

The Leg Weigher transfers weight information on each leg currently in the line to the Innova PDS software control system, which will also have gathered data on its quality from IRIS. PDS is now able to put together A-grade legs to make up a fixed weight tray of say 1,100 g. These legs have now become a virtual batch. A buffer line must be set up to give the required quantity of products to choose from.

Virtual batches

The virtual batch of legs destined for a single fixed weight tray will be released one by one into the same batching hopper. When a hopper has gathered all the products needed to make up a single fixed-weight batch, it releases its contents onto a conveyor belt, on their way to the PaceLine packing stations.

The belt conveying product batches from the bins is joined by a tray belt running alongside. Batches of product and trays run side by side at the same speed. Operators work together to fill the trays.

Now, the Fixed-Weight Overhead Leg Batching system has made up perfectly batched A-grade trays of leg products. Having virtually no give-away, it saves considerable labor.

  • Legs are virtually batched inline by Innova PDS
  • Based on data from the Leg Weigher and IRISĀ 
  • Broken legs will be released at a different destination
  • Multiple buffer lines can be set up
  • Combined Rate Limiting: Innova PDS sees multiple buffer lines as one line
  • Each virtual batch becomes a real batch after release in the hopper
  • The number of batching hoppers can be configured to any amount
  • Packing convenience with PaceLine
  • PaceLine can be equipped with an integral denester
  • Constant working pace, resulting in consistently high output


  • ACM Leg Weigher
  • ACM Broken Leg Detector
  • Leg unloading stations
  • Batching hoppers
  • PaceLine packing line
  • Innova PDS


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