internal logistics for broiler

Internal logistics

The optimum environment for safe process integration

A conveyor belt is not just a simple way of getting turkey products from A to B. Marel has developed the SystemFlex modular conveyor system to create an interactive logistical environment for optimal process integration. In this way maximum product quality can be maintained. Well-designed internal logistics improve product flow, safeguarding quality during the various process steps. The modular design of SystemFlex conveyors allows each system configuration to be tailored precisely to specific customer requirements.

Food safety is an overriding concern when conveying turkey products through the plant. Besides bringing products safely and hygienically to the next process step, SystemFlex also reduces human contact with the product by automatically positioning turkey products correctly for in-feed into a downstream machine.

We also offer a complete TrayTrack system consisting of an overhead conveyor equipped with specially developed tray carriers, automatic tray loading and unloading stations.

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