Salmon Slicing Process Solution

Maximize slicing yield, minimize giveaway, and reduce rejected products

  • Gain control over the slicing yield and optimize slicing line performance
  • Weighing and giveaway monitoring
  • Keep downtime at a minimum during a changeover
  • Full traceability


Monitoring slicing yield and giveaway

With this solution, the slicing processors have a clear overview of the performance of the line and can respond with corrective measures for any detected issues.  The software provides information on the slicing yield and rejected products.

With comprehensive data registration, it is easy to monitor the utilization of the fillets and minimize waste.  

Production control

Activation of programs on the slicers, scales, and checkweighers can be maintained centrally, ensuring consistency and efficiency, and minimize downtime during changeover. The solution provides real-time monitoring of throughput across the entire processing line, including individual machines and the manual rework stations. The information can be displayed on real-time dashboards, showing the performance and alarms based on device status. 


The solution offers full traceability, providing a complete overview of the input materials journey through processing. This information enables backward traceability of product data to its origin.

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