Inline Air Chilling Duck


Always the correct temperatures and the highest possible yields

Regardless of whether duck end products are to be sold fresh or frozen, Marel can always offer the correct chilling solution for the products and capacities involved. The way of chilling a duck substantially influences shelf life, presentation, quality, meat structure, freshness, food safety and final yield.

Chilling solutions are available for all processing capacities and all product requirements. Marel provides diverse technologies that efficiently chill products to the correct breast core temperature. This process avoids freezing small parts, ensures superficial dryness, and minimizes both moisture loss and weight loss to an absolute minimum. 

We have a proven track record of chilling poultry in-line and offer a wide range of in-line air and immersion chill options. including in-line maturation chilling and the ‘Plus’ technology which sprays water onto the products. Marel in-line air chilling ensures an optimum chilled product. The systems enable the production of end products with excellent yield, quality, attractive color and texture as well as extended shelf life.
We offer chilling solutions for all duck products, including giblets and feet.


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