MAJA flake ice machines for poultry

Flake ice for energy-efficient immersion chilling

  • Flake ice for energy-efficient immersion chilling
  • Hygienic flake ice production for food safety
  • Wide product range to meet any needs in flake ice production
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Customized accessories and options
  • Energy-saving immersion chilling of carcasses 


Energy-saving immersion chilling of carcasses 

For product safety, poultry carcasses have to be chilled to reduce their temperatures from approximately +40° to +4°C. In immersion chilling, carcasses are moved through tanks containing a mixture of water and flake ice. Adding ice to the chilling water helps to reduce the temperature quickly and in a highly energy-efficient way. This can be helpful for high ambient and water-supply temperatures.

Hygienic and sustainable flake ice

Our focus is firmly on hygienic ice production, which lets you create ice of the highest quality. MAJA flake ice machines are labeled HY-GEN protected. This stands for excellent sanitary conditions. We also take pride in being the leading manufacturer in sustainable ice producing solutions. We use natural, eco- friendly refrigerants, which help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Decades of knowledge and experience

For more than 70 years, we’ve been supplying highly reliable and energy efficient ice machines to the meat industry. Our many decades of knowledge and experience make us the ideal partner for all your needs in ice production, handling, transport, storage and batching.


The MAJA flake ice machines offer a wide choice of ice producing units ranging from 85 kg ice output up to 12.000 kg in 24 hours and are available in different versions:

MAJA-SAH Compact flake ice machines including condensing unit
MAJA-RVH-L /-LT Split version for separate installation of ice producing and condensing unit
MAJA-RVH Flake ice producing unit for connection to a multicompressor circuit
MAJA-RVH-CO2 Eco-friendly flake ice production with natural refrigerants with low GWP/ODP, for direct operation with a carbon dioxide R744 refrigeration circuit
MAJA-RVH-NH3 Eco-friendly flake ice production with natural refrigerants with low GWP/ODP, for direct ammonia R717 operation
MAJA-RVH-F Eco-friendly flake ice production, for connection to a heat transfer medium circuit


Ozone degermination 

Creating best-possible hygiene conditions for the inlet water supply

Automatic self-cleaning MAJA-SCS

For time-saving and optimum hygiene safety by automating the cleaning process

Wide choice of control panels

For remote operation, allowing freely programmable ice production and cleaning cycles

Different versions of condensing unit 

Air-cooled (L)
Water-cooled (W)
Cooling by heat transfer circuit (WS)
Cooling by fluid (F)
Wide choice of installation accessories Wall consoles, chute systems, subframes
Ice storage and transport solutions Wide choice of ice transport carts, silos and storage bins and  automatic ice batching systems


Preventive maintenance can detect system wear and imminent malfunctions at an early stage. 
By checking and regulating system parameters, the operational reliability of your flake ice machine is increased and energy-efficient operation of the refrigeration system is supported.
A regular check of the safety equipment ensures smooth operation of the system and protects against malfunctions in good time.
Cleaning the condenser ensures greater operational safety.
Cleaning the condenser helps to save energy. Condensers that are dirty can result in up to 10% higher energy consumption!
The optimally adjusted refrigerant charge quantity is the basis for a safe operation of your flake ice machine with high efficiency.


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