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A duck-specific process, dealing with water-resistant characteristics

The presentation of ducks requires a perfect skin: feathers should be completely removed, but the skin must not be damaged. Marel eminently masters the process of waxing and offers compact, fully enclosed and fully in-line single or double waxing systems, including an efficient wax recycling system, suitable for all capacities.
After scalding and plucking, the products, suspended in-line at three points, are shortly immersed into a bath filled with plucking wax. Subsequently follows an immersion in a cooling tank, filled with cold water, to solidify the wax. Now the wax can be peeled off automatically in the Wax Remover, taking off down, pins and smaller feathers.
The used wax is melted, filtered and brought back into the process with the same quality, to be recycled at the correct temperature.

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