Three Point Suspension System

The ideal positioning for waxing

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Prevents wax from entering the beak
  • Allows an even wax coverage
  • Also suitable for inspection and fat liver harvesting


Marel PMJ's Three Point Suspension System places the heads of the product (which is already suspended by its legs) in the middle slot of the shackle fully automatically. In this way, the product is ideally positioned for an optimal wax application.
Wax won't get into the beaks, where it would be wasted, and the entire carcass (except head and feet) will be properly and evenly covered with wax.

The three-point shackling method is also ideal for other operations, such as inspection and fat liver harvesting.

After the waxing operations, the heads are released automatically from the shackle again, for appropriate downstream processing in the evisceration room.   


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