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Grading and batching

At various points in the process, products need to be graded and batched, be they whole products, portioned chicken parts, frozen, fresh, or marinated pieces. For every situation, Marel offers the choice of a wide range of flexible, grading, and batching solutions. They automate difficult manual operations and take away human bias from the process, making the processor’s job a lot easier.

Marel graders and batchers can operate as stand-alone units or can be integrated into a complete tray loading and packing line. Clever integration makes systems work together to compose one complete solution. Intelligent communication between batching, grading and portioning equipment lifts the process to a higher level, thereby optimizing yield and minimizing giveaway.

All Marel batchers and graders fulfill the most stringent requirements in the food industry, thanks to their versatility and easy-to-clean design.

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