In-line marinating and batching of fresh products

  • Fully inline process for marinating and batching
  • Highly efficient product flow
  • Gentle product handling
  • Reduces manual labor


By integrating the ValueDrum and Multihead Weigher in one system, Marel can support processors in making their marinating production flow even more efficient.


ValueDrum does away with many of the product handling operations needed in a traditional marinating and massaging process. Working inline, the ValueDrum is more efficient than traditional tumblers. This improves the distribution of additives and raises the speed of the process. 

Using the first-in, first-out principle, ValueDrum passes the product through a simplified logistical environment, with reliable and easy tracking and tracing. 

After the marinating process, the Multihead Weigher for fresh products handles the batching and delivers final portions into the packaging.

Multihead Weigher for fresh poultry

The Multihead Weigher for fresh poultry is designed for handling a wide range of fresh poultry products, from bone-in whole legs, drumsticks, thighs and wings to boneless breast fillets, inner fillets, cubes or strips – also when marinated. 

Products are loaded automatically into the Multihead Weigher’s weighing hoppers. The exact weight of each product is registered, after which the weighing hopper releases the product into one of the memory hoppers below. The Multihead Weigher then calculates the best possible combination of the weights in the holding hoppers, in order to put together a final batch with the exact predetermined target weight, which is ready to be distributed to the packaging equipment.

Inline advantages

By combining ValueDrum and Multihead Weigher inline, processors can achieve a highly efficient inline marinating process from marinating to packaging by eliminating manually handled transport. This speeds up processing time and saves manual labor. High product quality is also ensured through the gentle handling in both ValueDrum and Multihead Weigher.

  • Automated marinating and batching process for fresh poultry products
  • High product quality
  • Gentle handling in both ValueDrum and Multihead Weigher
  • Suitable for marinated fresh poultry products, e.g. bone-in whole legs, drumsticks, thighs, wings,  boneless breast fillets, inner fillets, cubes, strips
  • Speeds up processing time
  • ValueDrum tumbler raises line capacity up to 1,800 kg per hour
  • Reliable and easy tracking and tracing
  • ValueDrum has the smallest footprint of any inline marinating system on the market
  • Possible to add and mix additional ingredients to the product, such as vegetables
  • Multihead Weigher ideal for producing fixed-weight jobs
  • Simple design with angled surfaces decreases accumulation of bacteria
  • Quick and easy cleaning process
  • Automatic infeed of product


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