Trim handling

Inspection and trim handling

Our SensorX trim handling solutions are all based on extensive knowledge of X-ray technology, the most efficient way to measure CL and detect bone fragments accurately.

The solutions allow you to analyze red meat trim for fat/lean ratio and give the ability to manage trim, achieve target fat percentages and get optimal value for raw material.

Our solutions start with the basic SensorX Omina for flexible trim monitoring. The SensorX Electus offers a more sophisticated method for inspection of trim supply, and for advanced trim management, we offer the fully automatic and high throughput SensorX Accuro and SensorX Magna.

  1. SensorX Magna: High-capacity inline inspection solution for superior bone detection and correct fat lean ratio in both fresh and frozen raw material.
  2. SensorX Accuro: Sophisticated trim management system for measuring CL, detecting contaminants and controlling trim quality.
  3. SensorX Electus: Efficient inspection system for monitoring incoming supply.
  4. SensorX Omnia: Accurate system for scanning trim meat for bones and maintaining maximum trim quality.

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