Packing and labeling

The Innova Packing module is an advanced packing and labeling solution with full inventory, order processing, and palletizing capabilities.


A flexible packing system


Innova Packing supports a wide range of scales and terminals, ranging from simple standalone scales to advanced IPC terminals. The system enables users to design, pack, pallet, and order labels using a visual label designer, and attach individual or composite database fields to label fields. All labels can be reprinted on the production floor or from the desktop GUI, while the system also supports the printing of reports instead of labels when an order is completed.


For increased productivity and efficiency


Innova Packing includes advanced order processing capabilities. Products can be packed to orders selected by the operator, or the system can automatically select an order based on status and priority. Products not matching any orders can be recorded to inventory.


All product parameters, including weight limits, pallet sizes, prices, expiry dates, and label texts, can be overridden based on the selected order. Packs can be assigned to pallets when they are recorded. Pallet information can be printed on pack labels, and pallet labels are automatically printed when the pallets are completed. Alternatively, pallets can be built afterwards by scanning pack labels.


Data is processed using a configurable back-end based on the unit operation concept. The system comes with a comprehensive set of pre-defined operations, and additional ones can be customized and plugged in on-site.

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