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Dressing and evisceration - Cattle

The Marel cattle evisceration work platforms are a custom-made design to optimize ergonomic working positions, maximize slaughter efficiency while minimizing contamination. The stomach and organs are removed and conveyed separately in large trays for veterinarian inspection.

During the process, there is full traceability of the organs and the carcass by means of synchronized conveying. In this way, both organs and carcass may be removed in case of irregular findings.

For the transport of the paunch, red organs and heads, Marel offers a complete range of discharge drains, belts and conveyors. An important aspect of the clean slaughter hall is that the veterinary inspection of the carcass and paunch, red organs and heads can take place simultaneously. Obviously, traceability is the highest priority in this section of the slaughterhouse and is part of the Marel designed dressing systems.

  • Efficient, consistent and reliable system design
  • Unique ergonomic work-platform design
  • Traceability of organs and carcass

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