Innova Chiller Logistics System

Management of cool room inventory

  • Optimizes storage and distribution of sides
  • Coordinates rail assignments based on grade
  • Supports shelf-life visibility to avoid expirations
  • Applies business rules to govern product distribution


The Innova Chiller Logistics System (CLS) coordinates primary process and traceability data with business rules to orchestrate the optimal distribution of raw material throughout the rows of rails in the chiller.


The system organizes sides coming into the cool room into logical categories so inventory can be tracked in practical ways. These processor-defined logistics parameters clarify institutional knowledge, minimize the need for manual decision-making, and reduce errors.

Inventory control

The system tracks the incoming product queue and assigns product to the appropriate rail based on lot, weight, and quality. It shows the status—including selection criteria and availability of free space—of all storage rails.

Quality control

When the product has been in the cool room long enough to temper, CLS marks it as ready for distribution. The organization of sides is apparent, and they can be distributed in an accurate and timely fashion. Once a side has left the cool room, drip loss can be calculated after weighing.

Production coordination

The system controls the sequence in which sides go to production, according to the processor’s business rules. It can control outfeed flow with batches of a defined size at set time intervals. This makes it possible to direct the handoff to secondary processing with utmost care.

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