Innova Recipe Manager

Same flavor every time

  • Ensures exact quantities of an ingredient are added to the recipe at the right time 
  • Define master recipes for specific products 
  • Adjust master recipe batch size with automatic recalculation 
  • Complete traceability of all ingredients 


With Marel’s Innova Recipe Manager, you can easily organize and control which ingredients are combined to produce your product. This enables you to systematically track what was made, when, where and by whom. 

Recipe Manager also simplifies modifying and creating new recipes with a straightforward implementation process. The built-in Innova Traceability engine ensures complete traceability of all ingredients throughout the production process. 

By implementing a paperless recipe process, managers can trace every action. They can see if recipe batches contain the precise amount of ingredients and are combined in the correct order.  

Once batches are available, operators can see all the steps available to them, in the correct order, with concise instructions. 

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