Marel employees raise EUR 250,000 for the Red Cross

Marel Employees Move The Globe

Marel employees Move the Globe and raise funds for the International Red Cross.

Monday 4 October marked the end of Move the Globe, a company-wide challenge that saw Marel employees in over 30 countries join forces to walk, run, bike and collect enough kilometers to cover over four laps around the globe and raise a total of EUR 250,000 for the International Red Cross. Not only did the challenge support healthier bodies and minds, it will also contribute to the wellbeing of others with funds for urgent support to migrants in northern Brazil.

In proud partnership with the International Red Cross

The funds raised through the Move the Globe challenge will be used by the International Red Cross in Brazil to secure safe water and essential services for migrants in northern Brazil fleeing armed violence and instability in the region.

Marel Employees Raise Money For Red Cross

Roraima State. A Venezuelan migrant sits with his child. Photo credit: MORIYAMA, Victor/ICRC

Due to an increase in arriving migrants into Brazil, basic facilities hosting migrants and their host communities are overstretched operating at maximum capacity. Despite efforts by local authorities, pressure on essential services structures such as water and sanitation remains a challenge. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Brazil supports migrants, including refugees and unaccompanied minors and their host communities, in the northern Brazilian states by upgrading basic infrastructure to improve sanitation and access to safe and sufficient water and other essential services.

Making every step count

Whether it was a trail run in green hills in Thailand, a bike ride to the office in Copenhagen or a swim in the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Iceland—Marel colleagues around the world made every step count during the Move the Globe challenge.

Together, employees moved over 160,300 kilometers between 6 September and 4 October, the equivalent of four laps around the globe. Marel pledged to donate 50,000 EUR for each lap completed and will donate an additional EUR 50,000 bringing the total support to the International Red Cross from this initiative to EUR 250,000.

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Wellbeing of employees and communities

Promoting healthier bodies and mind is a natural extension of our company-wide goal to champion healthy, sustainable, affordable food for all. Our partnership with the International Red Cross and the focus on communities in northern Brazil with the Move the Globe challenge is a natural fit to our emphasis on wellbeing of employees as well as communities where we operate. In Brazil, Marel’s footprint includes sales and services office, manufacturing operations and most recently a new demo center. The partnership is also fully line with our objective to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 of zero hunger and Goal 6 of clean water and sanitation.

Social participation
Marel Makes A Donation To Red Cross Due To Move The Globe

In Pacaraima, in the Northern region of Brazil, at the border with Venezuela, the access to drinking water and basic sanitation is a challenge faced by local population and migrants. In the region, the ICRC promotes water and habitat projects to improve conditions for drinking water supplies, sanitation and hygiene. Photo credit: Fabricio Marinho/ICRC

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