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DanFish 2021


Innova Marine Pack

Innova Marine Pack is a custom-built registration tool for fishing vessels that must comply with EU fisheries control and traceability regulations. It has a built-in on-board solution for registration and packaging.


Innova Marine Pack supports up to five packing stations and a marine scale, with our new indicator (M2400), a printer and a specifically designed Innova Marine Pack software module.



  • Plug-and-play packing system 
  • Flexible report definition and set-up 
  • Compliance with EU fishing control regulations 
  • E-log book option 

Marine Grader

Constant movement and extreme weather have not been a problem since Marel`s revolutionary marine graders and platform scales have been installed in fishing vessels.


Marel marine graders are running worldwide to weigh and grade whole fish, fillets, shellfish and by-products. Our marine graders are extremely reliable.

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