Marine Graders

Onboard optimal grading and batching

  • Advanced motion compensation for onboard grading
  • Available as a single or dual-lane unit
  • Real-time observation, monitoring and statistics
  • Simple to operate, easy to access and clean


Accurate grading in diverse conditions

The Marine Grader is a high-precision unit with advanced motion compensation that weighs and grades a continuous stream of individually separated pieces of product. Marel onboard graders are used around the world to grade whole fish, fillets, shellfish and byproducts such as delicate roe sacks. They are highly reliable. When service is needed, assistance is close at hand through a remote connection.

Product flows over the weighing unit to a grader, where it is graded according to the selected program. The product can be graded simply by weight or it can be intelligently graded into batches with minimum overweight. The Marine Grader is available as a single or dual-lane unit.

Higher yield and higher quality

Marel Marine Graders increase yield and improve product quality with minimal handling. Onboard graders require fewer workers to grade and process the catch while providing faster turnaround times.


Real-time monitoring with Innova

Innova Food Processing Software controls the grading process by setting up grading programs. Innova provides a comprehensive real-time reporting function that gives the operator a complete overview of the production process. Real-time data generates reports on weight distribution, average weights, a packing overview and packing list, as well as the standard overview and lists. This data can be viewed via dashboards.

Based on these valuable KPIs provided by Innova, you can make intelligent decisions on how to optimize your grading and batching results.

Module losses in production are recorded with the optional Innova Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The reasons for any stoppages are then collated so that it is easy to identify and track the most common causes of lost production time.


Marel offers a range of service solutions to prevent failures, maximize performance or in case of unexpected breakdowns remote or onsite assistance.

Marel has offices in 30 countries across all regions, and a global network of highly skilled professionals that provide remote as well as onsite service support. We provide quality spare parts and customized service agreements for our customers to ensure optimal performance of Marel equipment.


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