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TecnoCarne 2024

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Expo Exhibition & Convention Center São Paulo, Brazil - W030

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Join us at TecnoCarne 2024 - your gateway to innovation in meat processing! Let us introduce you to the latest cutting-edge technologies designed to prepare you for tackling today's processing challenges and help you adapt and thrive in the evolving landscape of the meat industry.

TecnoCarne 2024

Marel at TecnoCarne 2024

Your challenges inspire our innovation

In the dynamic world of meat processing, we understand the hurdles you face every day. Rising costs, workforce shortages, tighter regulations, and ever-shifting consumer preferences are challenges we're all too familiar with.

At TecnoCarne 2024, we will introduce you to Marel's cutting-edge technologies, specifically developed to help you face these challenges head-on and ensure your success in the rapidly evolving food processing landscape.

Transforming meat processing together

With a focus on increasing automation to minimize reliance on manual labor, enhancing equipment connectivity for greater processing efficiency and harnessing the power of digitization for data insight, we're here to drive your processing capabilities into the future. This means not only boosting productivity but also ensuring you can consistently deliver top-quality products that maximize profitability.

A partnership for excellence and growth

We understand Brazil's critical role in the global food market as a leading producer and exporter of meat. A partnership with us will ensure that the renowned quality of Brazilian meat remains uncompromised and that you can meet the escalating demand effectively. With our innovative solutions tailored to the needs of Brazil's meat industry, we can help you deliver excellence and seamlessly navigate future growth.

Introducing Marel's MeatShowHow

Simultaneously with TecnoCarne 2024, Marel will host the first Meat ShowHow at Progress Point, our own state-of-the-art demonstration and training center in Campinas. The event will feature presentations by guest speakers, live equipment demonstrations and VR sessions, ending the day with a tasting menu.

More information will follow shortly.

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