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Proud to have customers who rely on you? Our Field Service Engineers are.

As a Field Service Engineer in Marel, you will get to troubleshoot, repair, install, maintain our equipment at customer sites, helping to exceed our customers' expectations. The complexity of our machinery will give you the feeling you are working with technologies others can only read about.

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Field Service at Marel

As Field Service Engineer at Marel, you will play a key role in our vision of a world where quality food is produced efficiently, sustainably, and affordably. What we do here is having a real-life impact. And with the increasing need to feed the world – there’s never been a more exciting and demanding time to be part of our journey.

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Never a dull moment

There is never a dull moment at Marel, but don´t worry: we believe in a healthy work-life balance, and we know that you have other priorities outside work. That’s why we got your schedule covered and we do our best to plan our services 5 – 6 weeks in advance. Some urgencies can always occur, but we always try to accommodate around your personal schedule. For many of our roles, working at weekends is required and it can go up to every second weekend. We will make sure that you will be compensated fairly when this happens.

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Development journey

Once you join Marel, you will start a development journey to learn all about our equipment. You will have an individual training plan with on-the-job training, e-learnings and self-study content. A buddy will guide and coach you during all your development journey.

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Örn Hrafnsson, Field Service Specialist in Iceland

"Working as a Field Service Engineer provides a unique opportunity to travel to various locations and meet people from different backgrounds. You get to work with cutting-edge technology and equipment, which provides a sense of fulfillment and excitement. This role allows for a high level of autonomy, and the opportunity to work on diverse projects that require you to think on your feet, be adaptable, and continuously learn new skills; this keeps the job interesting and engaging."

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Cécile Pitaval, Field Service Manager, France & North Africa

"It was last year, in May when Rossana, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Marel, approached me. Since then, I have been enjoying working with enthusiastic colleagues, hand in hand, with the same focus on doing a great job to satisfy our customers."

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Tim Schuurman, Customer Support Engineer in the Netherlands

"I enjoy working at Marel because every day is different; sometimes you work alone, sometimes in a team, which is more like family. You work hard but you also get time to spend with family and friends. You have the opportunity to work in different countries and work with different cultures. You get your hands on old machines but also with the newesr technology in the field. There is an open culture in the field and in the office, where everyone helps each other."

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Michelle Toth, Field Service Engineer in the US

"I like to take great initiative managing myself, pushing harder with each project until it reaches a success. I really enjoy interacting with the different customers and know that I'm having a positive impact on their overall experience. I particularly enjoy working in a team environment and have learned a lot by collaborating with other members of the Marel Team."

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Jerry Gou, Field Service Engineer in China

"Working as Field Service Engineer in Marel China is a quite exciting experience. The company's unlimited trust on flexible working and continuous support on internal and external training resources enable you to enhance your capability and broaden your knowledges, which will add value to ensure have a more successful career. Complete rules and regulations in all aspects guarantee you the sense of safety. The opportunity of working with colleagues across the countries and regions also allows you to absorb more methods and perspectives and become a more comprehensive and objective person. In a word, the trust of company, the recognition of clients, as well as the individual’s career growth build you a strong belief of being on the road to a better future."

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Cristian Arturo Pardo Suarez, Field Service Engineer in Colombia

"Working as a Field Service Engineer at Marel has been a great work and personal experience. You enjoy a great work environment in the local office as well as working with other field engineers from other countries. When working, you have the security and comfort you need on a daily basis, and all the resources, tools and training necessary to perform the job in the best way. Additionally, the rest days are fair according to the work done and you also have flexibility to request special dates to be free, also you have internal benefits regarding health and insurance that allow you to perform all your work with great tranquility and support."

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Jeffrey Li, Field Service Engineer in China

"From my perspective, Field Service Engineer is the most simple and pure job which only requires you to meet the clients’ requirements. However, becoming an excellent Field Service Engineer requires a lot. Marel is a credible platform that can help you achieve your personal goal as soon as possible. You can receive a great diversity of trainings, such as technical knowledge, interpersonal communication skill and etc. from both online internal resource and sophisticated engineers/specialists. In the meantime, Marel cares about your benefits. it’s much easier to balance your work and private time according to the flexible working approach. You will also benefit from the company’s Employee Assistance Program which will help not only you but also your family members in case any physical and mental health matter occurs. You will be proud to be part of Marel."

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Patricio Pérez, Service Engineer in Chile

"Working in Field Service at Marel is a lifestyle. Everyday in the field is unique you get to develop your soft and hard skills, to get experience and gain knowledge"

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Jay Wang, Field Service Engineer in China

"You will be thrilled to be a part of the Marel Service team where every day you can get new opportunities and exciting challenges. Working at Marel is an incredibly fulfilling experience. You will collaborate with very inspiring colleagues and work in a supportive working atmosphere. I believe Marel's commitment to innovation and excellence will resonate deeply with your own value as an Engineer. You will also be proud of working in a company who is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the industry and delivering exceptional solutions. I look forward to continuing this fulfilling journey and contributing to Marel's ongoing success with you."

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