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When we asked our employees what they thought makes Marel unique, most of them agreed it's our culture. This is what we do to nurture an atmosphere where everyone can thrive.
Paul Li
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William Neiva

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Paul Li, Customer Support Coordinator in China

"All the colleagues both from domestic and abroad are so professional and friendly and they provide strong confidence to me to deal with customer issues. I really think Marel will become better and better with so many professional and talented people working together!"

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Nadia Paterson, Service Business Analyst in Australia

"Working with Marel has been two years of profound conversation. As an analyst, I need to understand the operations of a business and assess how to bridge any gaps. Marel has taken me on the journey and continues to present opportunities to grow my skillset, get involved in meaningful projects and help drive positive change."

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William Neiva, Sales Manager in Brazil

"After 16 months of joining Marel I had a chance to stop and think about it and Wow! It is has been an amazing journey… the opportunity to work in a company with strong values that are reflected on the team from different areas and countries which is such an important gear to create a light environment for people. The inspiring direct leadership, opening to share opinions and impressions about the daily routine and strategies combined with the freedom to print your own style makes me feel truly part and relevant to the market and the company success."

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Koh Sze Shiang, Regional Marketing Manager in Singapore

"As a regional marketeer, I find joy in interacting with fellow colleagues based all around the world as well as the opportunity to weave a strong and vibrant social fabric with the support and empowerment granted to me by both colleagues and the management team."

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We don't compete against ​​​​​​​each other

At least not in a ruthless way. Instead, we help each other succeed. We listen when someone comes with a suggestion and give our people the autonomy to experiment with their ideas. We know that if our people grow, we grow with them.

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Everyone has a seat at the table​​​​​​​

Diverse people bring diverse experience, and ensuring everyone is included and can bring their best selves to work is something we continually strive for. Diverse and inclusive workforces make businesses more innovative, creative and profitable. For our people to remain continually motivated, driven and (more importantly) fulfilled, we aim to create an environment where everyone can be themselves at work. That way, everyone can feel recognized, valued and respected.

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We listen to our people​​​​​​​

When we say your opinion counts, we mean it. As we grow, our annual engagement survey ensures we keep in touch with how our colleagues are feeling across the globe. It tells us what's working (and not) and what we need to do more of to make Marel the best place to work.

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We put our people's well-being first

Safety is our priority. We are on a journey towards Zero Harm, committed to creating a safe workplace for you, your colleagues, contractors and visitors. We provide everyone at our customers' sites, as well as our own manufacturing sites and workshops, with the best possible safety protection. As well as physical wellbeing, we focus on mental wellbeing for our people, ensuring they take time off when they need to in order to maintain or improve their mental health.

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We genuinely care about the world

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. With the world’s population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, there is a growing need to process and produce food in a way that is sustainable, cost-effective, and resource-efficient. We help the food processing industry responsibly manage limited resources, setting the foundation for sustainable growth. Our groundbreaking solutions help reduce waste while improving yields. We also work towards continuously lowering our energy expenditure and using renewable resources wherever possible.

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