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The freedom to push your limits. The joy of being at the forefront of innovation. The pride that comes with feeding the world sustainably and affordably. These aren't some empty phrases. This is how it feels to work at Marel.

Our people

At Marel, we come from many different cultural, geographical, professional and personal backgrounds - and we're better because of it. Diverse people bring diverse experiences, which leads to richer discussions, fresh ideas, and better decisions.

We encourage people to be themselves at work and aim to make everyone feel recognized, valued and respected, so that both our people and our organization can achieve their full potential.

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Our values



We work together in countries and in cultures across the globe. We are united in our lasting partnerships with customers. These partnerships...


Innovation is both part of our vibrant internal culture and what people associate with Marel in the marketplace. Innovation drives...


We deliver solutions that are fit-for-purpose and that work to support our clients' commercial objectives. This is why our customers...
People 2022 156 Food Technology Jobs
Our Vision
People 2022 134 Food Technology Demo Center
People 2022 147 Technicians
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Where we do it

Being a world leader means embracing a global approach. Marel began in Iceland, but during our four decades of operation we've spread our wings. We now have over 7,000 employees across 30 countries, and we haven't stopped growing.

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