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Waking up excited on Monday morning?

It's easier to stay driven when you do something important, and coming home knowing you made a difference is just one of the great things about working at Marel.

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Recognition? You can experience it, too

We believe you should be recognised for what you achieve and your commitment to helping us thrive.

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Providing you with space to grow

We know our growth is dependent on yours, so we encourage our people to talk openly about what they want from their careers. Through your journey with us, if your aspirations change, we'll work with you to work/figure out your best career direction.

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Expand your horizons

In our industry, knowledge is key. That’s why we make sure that learning is easy to access, understand and put into practice. We offer a variety of in-house training courses to further your knowledge and feed your curiousity. That way, we make sure that when customers deal with Marel, they know they are partnering with the best in the industry.

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Opportunity to make an impact

We are a global company, which has grown at pace. No two days are the same, and if you have an idea that you think could help us be more innovative, sustainable or profitable, we want to hear it. You have easy access to decision makers and are surrounded by a network of specialists who will help you take great ideas to the next level.

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Work life balance is not just an empty phrase

We believe the time you spend out of office is as important as the time you spend at work. We all need to recharge, and we understand that work is not always the priority. That's why we offer flexible working hours, part-time employment, as much parental leave as possible and other solutions to help our employees find the right balance.

Does that sound like an interesting career?

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Cécile Pitaval, Field Service Manager in France

"It was last year, in May when Rossana, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Marel, approached me. Since then, I have been enjoying working with enthusiastic colleagues, hand in hand, with the same focus on doing a great job to satisfy our customers."

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Taylor Vander Hart, Service Commercial Support Manager in the United States

"The Marel team is one of my favorite things about working for this company. There is a great deal of passion and everyone is so supportive of each other. The loyalty and dedication that our employees have for this company and for our customers is so motivating and encouraging."

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Pengyang Liu, Sales Support in China

"Marel is a big family where I really enjoy learning from the people around me. Working at a global company has given me many opportunities to deepen my understanding of others' background and perspectives while making me more open-minded.

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Robert Ortega, Operational Excellence Leader in the United States

"I love my job because it has a friendly environment with a genuine spirit of cooperation. I love that I provide professional change management and I am able to contribute with my experience and skills in continuous improvement management and develop strategy to the organization. I love that each project presents unique challenges. I work hard which keeps me engaged and excited but at the same time enables me to enjoy other passions in my life."

Meet our employees5 / 6

Natalia Cuche Braun, Sales Order Coordinator in the United States

"What I enjoy most about being at Marel is that everybody counts and make you feel valuable in the team. You can build a career, get the option to work in different areas, while working in an exciting environment where you get to know people from different cultures!"

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Frederic Lesage, Regional Service Business Manager in the Netherlands

"I started as Field Service Engineer in France, then continued as Service Manager in Marel Australia. When I came back to Europe, I became Service Area Manager for the Poultry Business Unit covering CIS countries. During these years I met incredible people all around the world, and after 21 years, it feels like I left university yesterday. Working for Marel is so much fun and brings great challenges."