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Our software engineers code to change the world

Do you want to create software that reduces food waste, minimizes environmental footprint, and increases efficient resource use and food safety? Do you want to be a part of digitalizing the food industry and transform the way food is produced?

Our software community plays a crucial role in delivering digital solutions to our customers, offering them a platform for interconnectivity and optimization that empowers them to maximize value sustainably. Together at Marel, we are truly transforming the future of food.
Software Community At Marel

Our software community

At Marel every day is different. Whether we are working on new software solutions for our customers, front-ends, back-ends, developing cloud hosted IoT applications, or running design sprints.

Our software community is made up of over 350+ employees worldwide in roles such as Software Engineers, Product Owners, Software Product Managers, UX designers, Scrum Masters, Infrastructure Engineers, Data Analysts and more.

Within software at Marel, you will be part of a forward-thinking community, continuously bringing new ideas and solutions to the market.
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Driving The Future Of Food Processing

Driving the future of food processing

The food processing industry is changing. Our customers want to have the highest food safety, quality control, traceability, business intelligence and the ability to predictively control the entire manufacturing line.

By providing our customers with digital solutions and platforms for interconnectivity and optimization, we empower our customers to create maximum value in a sustainable manner.

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Be part of a bigger movement

Innovation is deeply ingrained in Marel's culture and is one of our core values. To continuously build our ability to connect and transform our industry, we invest around 6% of our annual revenues into innovation activities.

As part of our software community, we support you in your growth and development, so you are well equipped to take on future tasks to contribute to our mission of changing the world of food processing one step at a time.
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Our people experiences1 / 5

Gunnlaug Margrét Ólafsdottir, Associate Software Engineer in Iceland

"I have been with Marel for over a year now, and I can confidently say it's the best work environment I have experienced. As a newly graduated student I was a bit nervous when I started working but that quickly turned to excitement. My colleagues are so kind and helpful and everyone works as a part of a team building a product. Being an associate software engineer is an enjoyable journey. It allows me to engage with diverse tasks spanning multiple projects within my team, and each week brings fresh and distinctive challenges to solve"

Our people experiences2 / 5

Abuzar Alaca, Software Engineer in the Netherlands

"I like to create great application all my life. Marel provides and gives opportunity to maintain and develop great products that is being used by lots of companies around the world. Since the day one, I receive great compliments about the work I am doing and help for my personal life as well. At Marel, they help you to create and develop new skills all the time. I have always felt the support from everbody"

Our people experiences3 / 5

Shailja Yadav, Technical Communicator in Denmark

"Working for Marel has been a dream come true where each day presents an avenue for acquiring fresh insights. I get to collaborate with some of the brightest and friendliest people hailing from diverse cultures and nations. Together, we form a dynamic team united in our pursuit of innovation-driven progress"

Our people experiences4 / 5

Michal Tosik, Software Program Manager in Iceland

"As a Program Manager in Order Engineering, I have the privilege of collaborating with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Their unique insights into efficient food production processes provide a valuable perspective that helps me design software solutions, effectively improving daily routines for our customers. The strong support of other Marel divisions enhances our teamwork, fostering a harmonious approach to achieving our goals"

Our people experiences5 / 5

Max Hildebrand, Senior Software Engineer in Denmark

"The thing I enjoy most about working as a software engineer on the robotics innovation team, is putting theory into practice. I get to be a part of a highly competent team, where we develop unique robotic solutions, All the way from the drawing board, to the lab, to the real world. We're always trying to apply the newest knowledge and technologies, which in turn means that I in general feel very up to date in my field. You should consider joining Marel, if you're looking for a place where you can apply your knowledge on real world problems, and still have plenty of room to have fun, grow and learn."

Do you want to be a part of an innovative forward-thinking company with creative opportunities?