07/11/18 Updated 05/03/19

Supreme end product with Marel fat analysis system

The main benefit of online fat analysis at Gunnar Dafgård AB is highly accurate calculation of target fat percentage and thus improved control of end product.

The installation of a complete Marel minced meat plant with total recipe control is instrumental in the ongoing optimization of Dafgård’s large and varied production of oven ready food for restaurants, catering centres and supermarkets. The amount of pure meat processed per day has more than doubled since the running-in period started six months ago.

Marel fat analyzers have been integrated into the preparation lines for fresh and frozen meat respectively at Gunnar Dafgård

Good economic result

Two Marel fat analyzers have been integrated into the preparation lines for fresh and frozen meat respectively. Department manager Christoffer Sundberg and project manager Håkan Andersson agree that at Dafgårds, online fat analysis equals good economic results.

The fat analysis system is a great asset to our production. Control and standardization of each batch of meat is immensely important as our customers request homogenous products., Håkan Andersson, Project Manager - Dafgårds

The accuracy of the system allows us to add more fat than before without exceeding the fat content specified for the end product. So everyone benefits. Our customers get high quality products and we save expense” he says.

Cycle time reduction

Andersson stresses the fact that the system is userfriendly. “Apart from being highly accurate, the fat analysis system is easy to use and easily programmed. Our operators have had no problems whatsoever working with the displays” he says.

He adds that the fat analysis unit, along with all other processes in the plant, is controlled from their main computer system. For the entire plant this automation means a reduction in staff of approx. 6 people per shift compared to their old, manually controlled mixing line.

“Before we purchased our new plant we had way too many operators. Further problems were too long cycle time and lack of capacity. Due to microwave defrosting on our line for frozen meat, we have achieved considerable capacity improvement through cycle time reduction. What took us three days before, now takes us half an hour. This has made us more flexible in the sense that we can respond more quickly to the needs of our customers” Sundberg says.

Consumer confidence

Today’s consumers are very concerned with food safety and they demand accurate and targeted traceability information on the products they buy. At Dafgårds, active and continuous measures are taken to ensure that safety and quality standards are in place.

The recipe control system from Marel provides us with complete control of each batch and full traceability of product. Each batch can easily be identified and its process of production tracked and verified. Maintaining high standards is essential to us in order not to betray the confidence of our consumers” says Christoffer Sundberg. And points to the fact that food safety also depends on the hygienic standards of processing equipment.

“Marel equipment is very cleanable and the surface finish prevents the meat from being held up within the equipment. We haven’t had problems with soil accumulating in the machines, effecting product quality when rejoining the main product flow” Sundberg says.

Outstanding equipment

Dafgårds chose Marel because of a technically superior solution. Sundberg does not hesitate to say that the equipment is outstanding and that Marel possesses valuable technical knowledge. “We are very pleased with the efficiency of the plant. We can produce much more than before and have full control of all products in the production area” he concludes.

Maintaining high standards is essiential to us in order not to betray the confidence of our costumers., Christoffer Sundberg, Department Manager - Dafgårds