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International Fish Congress & Fish Expo Brasil 2023

Event description

Transforming fish processing through connectivity  

Latin American fish processors must be more adaptable and intelligent than ever to remain competitive in today’s industry.  

We are transforming food processing through connected and innovative solutions that communicate and collaborate to improve your throughput, yield and sustainability across the entire process.  

Marel offers fish processing equipment for processors of all sizes and a various of species from advanced single-skill machines to integrated solutions with machine-to-machine communication for seamless connectivity. 

Solutions such as the Compact Grader, FilleXia, StreamLine, SensorX, and TargetBatcher are perfectly tailored to meet Latin American customers’ specific needs and demands, delivering outstanding performance and efficiency in fish processing.

Our software delivers data-driven real-time process control and insights, as well as end-to-end traceability and production efficiency, improving your line’s performance and productivity.

Connect with us at booth #51 in the Maestra Grand Convention Center to learn how Marel's product offering covers a wide range of seafood, including whitefish, salmon, and more. From primary to further processing, we are dedicated to collaborating closely with all customers in the fish industry, whether they are big businesses or small enterprises.


Perspectives for seafood processing in the face of transformations in consumer demand

September, 20 | 8:00 am

Speaker: Benedikt Bergmann Arason - Process Specialist

Discover the impact of consumer trends on seafood processing. Learn how modern preferences shape the industry's future and how it adapts with cutting-edge technologies, automation, and sustainable practices for processing and distribution.

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Join us in transforming the future of fish processing. Visit our booth #51 where our experts will be available to inform you about all of our innovative and connected solutions and provide you with detailed advice and comprehensive support. We look forward to meeting you at the Maestra Grand Convention Center!

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