Transforming food processing through connectivity

, Poznan, Poland

Polagra 2022

Transforming food processing through connectivity

Marel is committed to helping meat and poultry processors become more efficient and adaptable by supplying the equipment, software, and services needed to develop smart food processing plants.

Our automated and connected solutions are helping processors of all sizes optimize yield, quality and throughput across the entire value chain while decreasing labor dependence.

From single-skill machines to integrated solutions, from primary to further processing, Marel covers the complete spectrum of meat and poultry processing, no matter the size of operations.

Our meat processing experts will be available to discuss automated primary processing, efficient deboning and trimming, flexible portioning and packing solutions, and traceability across the entire value chain.

Marel’s poultry industry will focus on processing opportunities that perfectly match the Polish poultry industry. Automation and data-driven processing are important themes in times when it’s getting harder to find skilled manual labor for poultry processing operations.
At Polagra, Marel will demonstrate our variety of options for convenience food processing. Our flexible convenience line configurations can create a wide variety of tasty added-value products, such as nuggets and burgers, all of them with regular coatings or home-style crumbs.

We look forward to meeting you in Poznań!

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Connect with us at Polagra to experience how we are transforming food processing through robotics, automation and digitalization with innovative equipment on display that communicates and interacts to optimize your meat and poultry production.