Future-ready fish processing innovations

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Marel equipment and software help processors make the most of Industry 4.0 technologies to better utilize the raw material, reduce processing time and increase traceability.

Smarter processing

With the advent of Industry 4.0, fish factories are taking big leaps in automation and rethinking every step of the processing value chain. Smart factories are transforming the industry and Marel’s role is to constantly create better and smarter ways to process fish.

Fish processing is becoming more and more automated and Marel is a leader in developing the technology that enables greater automation across the whole value chain. We work closely with the whitefish and salmon industries to deliver the latest in hi-tech processing solutions.

Innova Software

The power of innova

Data-driven fish processing is about making the best possible use of data to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and Marel’s software platform – Innova Food Processing Software – is key to gaining full production control. By tracking and analyzing data generated by machines in real time, fish processors become more competitive.

Innova ensures reliable data collection, providing full traceability throughout the production process. It includes real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) so that processors can identify opportunities for improvements, while ensuring that production conforms to quality and food safety standards.

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Join us

Join Marel at its next Whitefish ShowHow or Salmon ShowHow in Copenhagen for demonstrations of how automation, robotization and data management can best prepare you for today’s Industry 4.0 processing reality. The Showhows welcome fish processors from around the world to experience the latest and best in processing technology in a hands-on environment.

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