Marel innovations impress Boston crowds


Demonstrations of Marel’s new linerless labeler and a new 360° video experience of FleXicut have already drawn scores of visitors to the company’s stand at Seafood Expo North America in Boston this week.

In the new 360° video experience of FleXicut, visitors don VR glasses to explore up close how one of Marel’s Icelandic customers is using the revolutionary FleXicut system to automate bone removal, portioning and distribution of up to 500 individual portions per minute to the various processing streams such as fresh packing or IQF freezing. This results in uniform, clean cut products of the highest quality.

The state-of-the-art M360 labeler was launched on the first day of the exhibition and is also proving popular.

Visitors have enjoyed being among the first to see the M360’s first-class labeling of skin packs and trays, with full wraparound labels, as well as C-wrap partial wraparound labels and top labels – all designed to ensure premium presence on the retail shelf.

Other highlights at Marel’s stand include the MS2730 salmon filleting machine, which incorporates back and belly trimming to reduce the need for manual trimming and deliver outstanding results in throughput, yield and fillet quality.

Marel’s food processing software team at the exhibition is presenting to visitors how they can manage their finished goods more efficiently and effortlessly, with Innova Ordering, Inventory, Packing and Labeling modules.

Live demonstrations will continue at stand #865 until the Seafood Expo North America closes tomorrow, 21 March.

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